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„Instruments of Disarmament – Rhythm beats bombs“

Music Blockade and Happening at the Büchel nuclear base
August 11 and 12, 2013

We are hereby calling on people to join a blockade of the entrances to the nuclear weapons storage base at Büchel. Why are we doing this? Because for many years there has been a complete standstill in nuclear disarmament. The world is still in possession of nearly 20,000 nuclear weapons, with enough explosive power to destroy our planet 20 times over. In Germany nuclear weapons are also still deployed at one last remaining base. An estimated 20 US nuclear bombs are stored in Büchel in the Eifel. On March 26, 2010, a non-partisan parliamentary motion in the Bundestag strengthened the decision of the government to actively pursue the withdrawal of these nuclear bombs. But instead the operational life of the bombs has been extended and NATO agreed to their modernisation in May 2012. Büchel stands - both symbolically and practically - for a failure in policy that disregards the wish of the majority of people for a nuclear weapon-free world.

Generational change
The US is not the only country taking the course of modernising their nuclear weapons and transforming them into precision weapons. All of the nuclear possessor states are energetically developing new generations of nuclear weapons. This is not the answer to the global challenges that future generations face. Money is needed in billions to overcome these urgent challenges, including ending worldwide hunger, putting a stop to global climate change or to financing stable health and education policies.

Those of us who live now have a responsibility to future generations.

A new way of thinking about the meaning of the word „security“ is urgently needed. Nuclear deterrence is synonymous with the politics of power rather than the rule of internationl humanitarian law; it has catastrophic consequences for humans and the environment und carries the risk of global destruction. Moreover, the nuclear industry continues to contaminate the earth through uranium mining and highly-radioactive waste for over 28,000 years or more.

This is why the campaign “nuclear weapon-free.NOW” (German partner to ICAN) is putting pressure on the German government to support the immediate commencement of negotiations leading to an international ban on nuclear weapons.

Renouncing nuclear weapons on our own territory would strengthen the credibility of international efforts for a nuclear weapon-free world. If Germany was to become nuclear weapon-free, this would have a positive effect on international disarmament. Vice versa, if Germany continues to cling onto the deployment of nuclear weapons, then its call to other countries to renounce them lacks any credibility.

Rhythm beats Bombs
We call for a blockade of the remaining German nuclear weapon storage site at Büchel. This will not just be any old blockade, we will deliver a resounding signal during the German general election for disarmament through music made by groups and individuals, singing, speaking or holding their peace for a nuclear weapon-free world. We are calling on musicians to take part in the blockade – a capella, unplugged or with a little amplification. In this way we want to use our own „Instruments of Disarmament“ and musically close the gates of Büchel nuclear base.

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